Rohaco Industrial Handling - more than 40 years of overall logistic solutions

For more than 40 years, Rohaco Industrial Handling has offered overall logistic solutions based on articulated robot arms, gantry robots and conveyor systems with robot or PLC controls. Rohaco takes care of system engineering, the detailed design of the robotic solutions and in-house realisation of gripper techniques, gantry robots and system software.

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In-house production

Rohaco supplies transport systems together with sister corporation VanRiet UK. Product design, development and production are mainly done in-house. Combined, the companies have over 30 employees.

From product design to realisation

Rohaco has all departments in-house necessary to realise projects from concept phase to realisation and service. In addition, several departments collaborate with partner companies to find a suitable systems integrator for the project.

Domestic and abroad

Rohaco is experienced in realising both small scale systems up to larger systems with a total cost of several million euros. Rohaco systems can be found both nationally and internationally in Western Europe.